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Alan Rickman’s Death Triggers Global Sadness

alan-rickman-deathWorld Mourns Loss of Beloved Alan Rickman

On January 14, 2016, beloved film and screen actor Alan Rickman passed away due to cancer. News of Rickman’s death came as a surprise to many, including Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, who wrote that Rickman attended every single one of Radcliffe’s stage performances in both New York and London, and that he was a compassionate and supportive friend overall.

For many who are familiar with Rickman’s many roles as a villain, this information about his kind and caring personality might come as a surprise; however, for those who knew him, Rickman was always the compassionate soul that many have only come to know after his death. He stated during his life that he simply found the villains he played on the silver screen to be highly interesting and complex: a great motivation for a great actor.

Touching the Lives of Potter fans Across the Globe

Millennials will know Rickman best as Snape, the creepy and complicated potions professor, in the Harry Potter series. Playing Snape may not have been the most theatrically impressive of his roles, but he undoubtedly touched the lives of an entire generation through his dry, cynical portrayal, which served as a layer that obscured Snape’s inner goodness.

That inner goodness was not revealed until one of the later books and movies, and when Rickman accepted the role of Snape, no one (except J.K. Rowling) was privy to Snape’s fate and inner motivation. Rickman accepted the role upon the assurance that there was more to Snape’s character than simply the uninventive “bad guy” he seemed to be in the first few chapters of Harry’s story. Yet he could not play the role accurately without knowing precisely what Snape’s motivation was for tormenting Harry.

So, during the filming of the third film, it has been reported that Rickman was informed by J.K. Rowling herself about the true nature of Harry and Snape’s relationship (the details of Snape’s relationship with Lily Potter and so on) — Rickman was able to keep this information under wraps until the big reveal later in the series. That’s a lot of years to keep quiet!

Apparently in certain scenes, because the director did not know Snape’s full story, the director would give instructions that Rickman could not follow while still portraying Snape accurately. Rickman would have to simply tell the director that he was playing Snape the way he wanted because of unidentifiable information he held about Snape’s past. That must have created an interesting dynamic on set — surely, such antics would not have worked for an actor or actress with less of an illustrious reputation than Rickman’s own.

Lifelong Love, Probate Law

Rickman is survived by his wife and lifelong partner Rima Horton, labor party member and economics lecturer. They met when Rickman was 19 and Horton was 18, and were together from then on until Rickman’s death. Rickman is also survived by all of his movies and other artistic works, which are many and varied. One has not yet come out in theaters: Alice Through the Looking Glass. What is going to happen to all the money that would have brought him in? A natural question. The answer has to do with a complicated section of law that of which many have heard but few are familiar: probate law.

Presumably, before his death, Rickman worked out either a will or trust with a trusted and experience attorney. Both wills and trusts direct a deceased person’s wealth to the beneficiaries they designate prior to their death. For a will or trust to hold up in court, however, they have to be legally binding and expertly crafted. For this, one needs to locate an experienced and competent attorney. Self-representation is a surefire way to misrepresent one’s wishes, especially considering the degree to which American probate law is convoluted and confusing.

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