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Billionaire Divorce Case Keeps Getting Uglier

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The heated divorce case between Citadel founder Ken Griffin and Anne Dias Griffin, who was also a hedge-fund manager and active philanthropist, keeps getting uglier as time goes on.

Earlier this month, Anne-Dias Griffin had filed a petition to have Ken barred from their marital home, three floors (66th, 67th, & 68th) in a high-rise in Chicago, as well as claiming that Ken should continue to pay the bills for her and their children.  Ken, she claims, threatened her, saying that he would “crush her on the prenup” and “destroy” her if she didn’t drop her previous claims.

In a recent filing, Ken’s side of the case responded, saying that the heated language is “an ordinary level of discord and disagreement” for a couple getting a divorce, that there is no weight to her claims of harassment.

Additionally, he claims that petition to have him barred from their home is ridiculous.  The 66th floor of their home, an 8,000 square foot apartment, was something he purchased himself back in 2012, after they had begun living separately.  Anne only owns the top two floors, a space totaling 9,400 square feet which they shared as a marital home for seven years.

Ken’s filing goes on to claim that Anne’s request for him to pay the bills is ridiculous, stating that she can’t have an “ascertainable right” to forcing Ken to pay for “couture clothing, helicopter rides, private air travel, and whatever lifestyle she chooses,” simply because of Ken’s massive net-worth.  Claiming that Anne-Dias has “approximately $50 million or more” of her own, Ken claims that she is more than capable of taking care of herself.

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