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Chris Brown will Most Likely Pay Less Child Support than Initially Planned

2-Chris-Brown-304Chris Brown is headed to family court to make arrangements to pay child support for his surprise 9-month-old daughter.  The kicker: if Nia Guzman, the girl’s mother, hadn’t been leaking information of the child to the media, she would have been getting much more in child support each month.


Just last month, Chris was hit with a curveball of a surprise when he was told that he was the father of a 9-month-old baby girl.  Nia, age 31, the baby’s mother, is a model who has apparently known Chris for several years.  Although the two are not together in a relationship, they had been getting along amicably, and Chris was reportedly happy to find out he was a father.


The tensions grew worse, however, after Nia began leaking information of the baby girl to the media.  Chris had actually agreed to pay her a large sum of child support each month if she had kept the information of the child quiet.  The amount he had agreed to pay was actually much larger than what it would have been under a formal court-ordered child support payment.


Now, however, Chris is taking the case to court, where, because of legal scales, he plans to end up paying much less in monthly child support for their 9-month-old daughter.


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