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Custody Case over 10-Year-Old Girl Returns to Play Out in Tennessee Court

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Sonya McCaul, age 10, has been stuck in the middle of a sticky custody battle for nearly her entire life.

Sonya has been living with her father in Omaha, Nebraska, since January of this year. The custody case between John McCaul, Sonya’s father, and David and Kim Hodgin, her foster parents, has been fluctuating back and forth for years now, but the case will now resume its proceedings in Tennessee.

The case had been playing out in Dickson County, but the judge sent it to Nebraska, fearing that he had no jurisdiction over the case.  Most recently, however, the Nebraska court has sent the case back to Tennessee, citing that it will be best addressed in Tennessee because Sonya is in the custody of the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services.

The custody battle started back in 2006, two years after Sonya was born, when John McCaul was indicted on a federal firearms charge and sentenced to 15 years in prison.  A court ended his parental rights, allowing the Hodgin family to begin caring for Sonya, but an appeals court reversed the decision after McCaul was released early for cooperating in an unrelated homicide case.

Even though the custody battle has been heated since then, the Hodgin family is remaining hopeful now that the case has returned to Tennessee.  With a new judge (as Juvenile Court Judge Andrew Jackson did not win re-election) and a local court, they hope to have Sonya back in their custody by Christmas.

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