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Divorce Finalized: Robin Thicke and Paula Patton are Officially Finished

Divorcing in TennesseeActress Paula Patton has recently been officially granted a divorce from singer Robin Thicke, and it looks like the celebrity love story has finally come to a bitter end.


Thicke, known for his collaboration with T.I. and Pharrell in the hit single, “Blurred Lines,” had been married to Patton for 9 years.  They had known each other as teenagers, and were married in 2005.  Then later, in 2010, the two had a son together, Julian.


Yet after the release for the provocative music video for “Blurred Lines,” as well as his controversial performance with Miley Cyrus, things seemed to start a downward trend for Thicke and Patton.


Then, in February 2014, the two announced their split.  Although Thicke tried to win her back through public messages and even seeming to name his latest album, Paula, after her, Patton was ready to move on.


When April 14 rolls around, the official granting of the divorce will go into effect, and the two will be hot items on the singles-market yet again.


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