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Ex-Wife of Oil Tycoon Harold Hamm has Officially Appealed the $1 Billion Divorce Ruling

BEST DIVORCE ATTORNEY IN MURFREESBORO$1 billion is a massive amount of money, a sum large enough that many people believe they could live happily without ever having to work again.  Sue Ann Arnall, the ex-wife of Harold Hamm, who is the CEO and Chairman of petroleum liquids producer Continental Resources, believes it’s not nearly enough.

Arnall and Hamm finalized their divorce last month, and Arnall was awarded a sum of around $1 billion, including both cash and assets, to be paid over a span of years.

Hamm’s divorce attorneys believe the ruling was equitable.  His 68 percent stake in Continental Resources, according to the ruling, was deemed as being his own “separate property.”

Arnall, however, feels she has been slighted by the ruling, and has appealed to have it changed.  During the trial, her legal team valued their wealth to be worth around $18 billion.

Because they had been married for 26 years, Arnall feels that the $18 billion should be divided equitably.  Even though Hamm founded Continental before they were married, most of the company’s growth happened during the years of their marriage, and Arnall believes that the measly 6 percent of their marriage’s wealth is unfairly small.

If you are considering or have recently filed for divorce, you’re going to need an expert attorney on your side.  A divorce attorney is a legal professional who will ensure that you are given the fair share of property you deserve.  You shouldn’t be forced to accept an unfair distribution of your family property, so call us today to build your case and protect your belongings.


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