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Explosive Kelly Divorce Comes to a Submissive Close

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In what became an ugly hyperbole of Wall Street bankers, the divorce between managing director  of investment bank Jefferies, Sage Kelly, and his wife, Christina Kelly, has come to a submissive close.

Over the past month, the divorce between Sage and Christina had grown to a fever pitch on Wall Street as Christina accused Sage of ridiculously lurid acts of drug abuse and sexual rampancy.   Christina claimed Sage regularly abused illegal narcotics, such as cocaine, mushrooms, and heroine, and that he instigated orgies with clients and their wives.

The accusations started flying after Sage had used a video of Christina snorting cocaine as evidence against her concerning the custody of their children.

Recently, however, Christina has gone back on all of her claims, including both the stories of drug use and sexual encounters, stating that a divorce is a “function of subjective viewpoints,” and that her claims were misrepresented when made public.  She even continued by stating that Sage was an “individual of high integrity,” and also a “great father who deeply loves our children.”

A custody arrangement for their children has been reached, although the details have not been released.

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