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Hilary Duff Files for Divorce

hilary-duffAfter 2 years of separation, Hilary Duff has finally decided to bring things to an end with her husband, retired NHL star Mike Comrie.


The divorce filing followed the day after Comrie had apparently had a wild night on the town, where, according to the Daily Mail, he had even been drunkenly propositioning women at a steakhouse in Beverly Hills.


Duff cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for divorce, and listed that they had been separated since 2013.


In the filing, Duff has asked for primary physical custody of their 3 month old son, Luca, and sources close to the couple state that she’ll be using Comrie’s habitual drinking and partying as reasons for the court to consider her the better parent.


Comrie responded to the divorce filing with one of his own, demanding that they share joint custody of Luca.


The two have both acknowledged that they have a prenuptial agreement, and neither seem to be worried about arguments over money or property.  Custody of their son, however, is turning out to be the major point of contention for the split.


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