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Incestuous Family Sex Ring Busted, Leader Sentenced to 219 Years in Prison

Wendy-Wood-Holland-Crminal Charges Murfreesobor tnThe leaders of an Alabama sex ring were recently convicted of gruesome charges, including sodomy, sexual torture, and child endangerment, and have just been sentenced to many years in prison–over 200 years for one leader.

Wendy Wood Holland, age 35, and William Brownlee, age 50, were initially convicted in December of crimes related to running a sex ring involving their own family members.  The crimes range from sodomy and child endangerment to criminal sexual abuse and sexual torture.

When the victims testified, they recounted horrifying stories of orgies involving both adults and children, pronography and sex toys.  The victims described the crimes as being part of their everyday life, something as common as going to the grocery store.

The sex ring dates years back, involving members of the family who are now deceased, and officials even suggested that some of those who were involved in the crimes may have been victims themselves when they were young.  Yet that didn’t soften the convictions any, as they believed that, as adults, the criminals had the choice to be different, yet instead chose to continue the cycle of depravity and disgust.

When issuing the 219-year sentence to Holland, Judge Jody Bishop declared that this was the worst sexual abuse case she had ever seen.  The 20-year sentence given to Brownlee was the maximum amount allowed under a sodomy charge, and Judge Bishop stated that the range wasn’t near enough for the crime.

The two were sentenced by Baldwin County juries, but they both also face charges in Mobile County, as well.  Other members of the same sex ring now await sentencing.

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