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Investment Banker Takes Leave Amidst Nasty Divorce Scandal

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Jefferies Group LLC’s investment banker Sage Kelley has opted to take a leave of absence from his role as head of the firm’s healthcare investment banking group in light of the extreme accusations from his wife, Christina Kelly.

The accusations, filed in mid-October, allege that Sage regularly partakes in rampant drug use, as well as accusations of other debauchery.

The filing also points to other key players, including Aegerion Pharmaceuticals boss Marc Beer and Seattle Genetics CEO Clay Siegall, both clients of Kelly’s group, claiming that they were involved in and encouraged the acts.  Beer and Siegall have both strongly denied the accusations, but it appears that the filing did in fact affect their companies’ stocks, although it appears that they have leveled out since the initial shock.

Elaborating on Kelly’s leave, Jefferies CEO Richard Handler and executive committee chairman Brian Friedman released a joint memo, stating that the accusations have put them in an “unfair position,” and that it has been a distraction to them and their clients.  They reinforced their company’s reputation and integrity, stating that they are focused on “doing the right thing.”

They state that Kelley voluntarily opted to take a leave of absence to deal with the divorce issues, allowing him to “focus on doing what is in the best interests of his children.”

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