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Jeremy Renner and Estranged Wife Come to Child Custody Settlement Deal

Jeremy-Renner-photo-002In a custody settlement that has ended where it began, Jeremy Renner and his estranged wife, Sonni Pacheco, have come to a deal where they will have shared joint custody of their 2-year-old daughter, Ava. It was one rocky road to make it to this outcome, however.


In December 2014, Sonni filed for divorce from Renner, citing irreconcilable differences.  The split could have been a smooth process, as the couple had signed a prenuptial agreement, and Renner was only asking for an even 50/50 split of custody with their daughter.


Sonni, however, wanted more.  In the initial filing, Sonni had demanded spousal support as well as sole custody of Ava, as well as use of their Range Rover and for Renner to pay her rent and moving expenses.  Additionally, she demanded he return her stolen passport, birth certificate, and SS card, as well as accused their prenup of being a fraud.


In response, Renner had filed documents claiming that Sonni was a horrible parent, citing her lack of supervision for their daughter, as well as their roommate claiming that Sonni did cocaine while on vacation right after Ava was born.  Additionally, Renner claimed that Sonni was extorting him by threatening to release embarrassing intimate videos of him if he challenged her over money or green card issues.


While Sonni responded that the bad-parenting claims were false, she never brought up the accusation of extortion.


The two have finally come to a legal agreement in the matter, though.  The two will share equal joint custody, and Renner will provide $13,000 a month in child support.  There will be no spousal support, however, because the marriage only lasted 10 months and the court upheld the prenup.


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