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Jon Gosselin Seeks Full Custody of 11-Year-Old Daughter

jon-gosselinJon Gosselin, father of the eight children in the reality show Kate Plus 8, is seeking to gain full custody of one of his daughters, the 11-year-old Hannah.

According to sources, Hannah had said, during a visit with Jon, that she didn’t want to go back home to Kate, the children’s mother, because she “couldn’t take the cruelty anymore.”  Hannah had been so afraid of Kate that Jon called the Children & Youth Services of Berks County, Pennsylvania, to take emergency custody of Hannah.

The situation escalated when Kate arrived to Jon’s house and stood in the street while calling for Hannah to come home.  Hannah wouldn’t leave, and so Kate called the police to file a claim about Jon.

After spending four days with her father, Hannah finally returned home to Kate.

This isn’t the first time Kate has had a run-in with the Children & Youth Services, as she had been accused of abuse twice before. Once, in 2014, she had been under investigation for allegations of physical and psychological abuse (the claims were later ruled “unfounded”), and she was also accused of hitting the children in 2010, and of locking them in their rooms so they couldn’t use the bathroom at night.

According to the source, Jon will be filing a petition to modify his custody arrangements, hoping to gain full custody of his daughter.

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