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Nashville Commercial Masonry Company WASCO Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

WASCO LOGO_Murfreesboro Tennessee BankruptcyWASCO, one of the nation’s largest commercial masonry companies, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in order to reorganize its $9 million debt, $5.5 million of which stems from a penalty by withdrawing from its original pension plan.


In its filings, the company reported having estimated total assets of $1 million against its liabilities clocking-in at $9 million.


$5.5 million of the company’s debt is a result of a penalty brought onto it four years ago by not renewing its contract with the Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local Union #5 of Tennessee, which represented some of the company’s employees.


In connection to the bankruptcy, however, WASCO is seeking a court approval of a $2.5 million credit line Kingston Capital in order to fund their operations while the bankruptcy proceedings are underway, showing a positive sign that they plan to continue with business after the bankruptcy has been completed.


WASCO and Lovell together owe $7.5 million in unsecured debts and $1.5 million in secured debts.  Of the $7.5 million unsecured, $5.5 million comes from the penalty it received by not renewing its contract with the labor union.  The companies are disputing that $5.5 million, hoping to have that amount adjusted or wiped away entirely.

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