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Nashville Drug Bust: 19 Arrests Stemming from Cocaine Ring

Murfreesboro Criminal Defense AttorneyA recent police raid in the Nashville area has led to the arrest of 19 members of a high-level Nashville cocaine ring.

Undercover detectives had begun delving into the case back in April, finding that the suspects had been transporting cocaine from Mexico to Tennessee by first going through Texas.  Two Texas brothers were recently busted at the Nashville Airport in possession of $34,000, cash that authorities claim came from a big cocaine drop-off.

After that arrest, the authorities acted quickly, and over the next two days and 51 search warrants later, authorities seized 59 pounds of cocaine, 71 pounds of marijuana, 70 guns, 19 cars, 15 motorcycles, 5 ATVs, and over $449,000 in cash.

In the end, the raids led to 19 arrests spreading from Nashville, Franklin, Murfreesboro, La Vergne, and Hendersonville, 6 of whom police label as upper-level dealers.

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