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Officers Connected to the Death of Freddie Gray are Charged with Murder

Freddie Gray Riots

The death that sparked a riot is being brought into the light as the six officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray now face multiple criminal charges, including assault, manslaughter, and depraved-heart murder.


The procession of a simple arrest leading to the detained person being hospitalized and dying from a severed spine led to public outrage.  Many residents of Baltimore protested the police department’s lack of reasonable answers, and a few others became angry enough to riot. The city responded with a police force decked-out in full riot gear, and the mayor even went so far as to declare a state of emergency and issue a city-wide curfew.


Through the anger and shouts, Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore’s State Attorney, felt that she needed to get involved.


Because of her investigations, coupled with a medical examiner’s opinion that Gray’s death had been a homicide, Mosby felt that there was probable cause to file criminal charges.  More than wrongfully murdered, Mosby’s investigation found that Gray had even been wrongfully arrested.  The knife on Gray’s hip that caused the officers to arrest him in the first place was found to not be illegal under Maryland law.  It wasn’t a switchblade.

An arrest warrant has been issued for the six officers now charged with the murder of Freddie Gray.


However, according to the Associated Press’s Twitter account, the police union is claiming that the 6 officers were diligent in their duties, and that they weren’t responsible for Gray’s death.


With state-official charges brought against the officers, the case will now play out in court, where justice will determine if the 6 officers are, in fact, guilty or innocent.


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