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Robin Williams’s Family Locked in Battle Over Estate

Probate attorney in Murfreesboro TennesseeIt’s only been half a year since the death of comedian and actor Robin Williams, and now his widow is in legal contention with his children over the handling of the estate.

Court documents that were filed in December and January give evidence to a heated battle between the widow, Susan Schneider Williams, Robin’s third wife, and his children, Zak, Zelda, and Cody Williams, from his previous marriages.

According to the will, Susan, Robin’s widow, was provided an entirely separate trust, titled the Susan Trust. In this arrangement, Susan would be given the home they shared in Tiburon, CA, and “the contents thereof,” minus some certain exceptions. She was also granted assets to “cover all costs related to the residence” for the span of her lifetime.

It’s that last part that has Susan looking for more.  In the legal filings, Susan is claiming that major renovations to the home should be covered under the clause of “costs related to the residence.” The problem with that, however, is that it would be cutting into the assets granted to the children.

Under the original arrangements, Williams had left his children the property and memorabilia from his earlier marriages and acting career, as well as additional assets and property he had kept from his home in Napa, CA.  In the court filings, they state that Susan is “acting against [Robin’s] wishes” and that her contention is a clear image of “the greed that appears to be driving the petitioners actions.”

While they don’t want to simply cave-in to Susan’s wishes, the children stated in their filing that they hope for the legal matters to be worked out quickly so that they can privately grieve and heal after the loss of their father.

When it comes to matters concerning your estate after you pass away, the last thing you want is for the family to fall apart in arguments. While you can’t control the actions of others, you can take reasonable steps to discourage contention by having a written plan for your estate.  Our estate planning attorneys are experts trained in handling an estate, and they will provide you with the best advice possible to protect your legacy.

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