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Statutory Rape Victim Must Pay Child Support for a Daughter He Never Knew Existed

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Arizona Courts are demanding that a man pay over $15,000 in back child support for a daughter he never knew he had from an encounter that could be classified as statutory rape.

Nick Olivas was 14-years-old when a then-20-year-old women had a brief sexual fling with him, the outcome of which ended with her becoming pregnant with his child.

Olivas never knew about the child, however, until two years ago, when a letter from the state demanded that he pay $15,000 in back child support, along with medical bill expenses dating back to the child’s birth plus 10% interest.

Olivas was shocked.  Panicking, he ignored the letter, but the state eventually hunted him down to get a paternity test as well as take the money directly from his bank account.  Olivas must now pay $380 a month in child support.

Olivas says he is willing to comply with the child support payments, as he wants to be involved in his daughter’s life, but he doesn’t believe it’s fair for him to pay for the years which he never knew she existed, especially since he was a teenager during most of them.

The problem with this, though, is that he never filed charges against the woman, who, according to the state’s law of a child under the age of 15 being unable under any circumstances to be a sexually consenting partner, would be guilty of statutory rape.  Unless he decides to file now, and if the court ruled in his favor, it appears the child support case will work against him.

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