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Trial Has Begun for the Shooting Death of Wayne Mills

The trial for the death of Wayne Mills has now gone underway, and the Nashville bar owner accused of shooting the country singer will stand before a fourteen member jury.


According to authorities, on November 23, 2013, Chris Ferrell, age 46, shot and killed Wayne Mills, age 44, at Pit and Barrell, a bar located in downtown Nashville that has since been shut down.  Ferrell was the owner of the bar.


The shots were fired after a dispute between the two concerning whether or not Mills could smoke in the bar.  The argument led to three shots being fired, the third of which hit Mills in the head, killing him.


Two weeks after the incident, Ferrell turned himself in to police, claiming he shot Mills in self-defense.  While handling the final motion, Ferrell’s criminal defense attorney claimed that Mills had threatened Ferrell, and had smashed a glass on the floor, prompting Ferrell to draw his .22-caliber handgun to defend himself.


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