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Child Support Enforcement

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Do you have a valid court order for child support? Are you struggling each month to get the required support that you need? Do you want help with child support enforcement? A Murfreesboro attorney can help provide you with the local services you need, no matter where the offending parent might be located. You see, a child support order is an official order of the court. Violating it can mean criminal penalties and if you need help, our free, no obligation initial consultation is the perfect way to get started!

Is Pursuing Criminal Contempt the Right Way To Go?

Even though a failure to pay child support in a timely manner is considered Contempt of Court and can bring about fines and even jail time, it may not be the right course to pursue. Even flagrant negligence can be pursued as a criminal charge, resulting in felony charges that can bring up to 6 years of jail time and extensive fines, but you have a difficult choice to make: will you get any child support if the other parent is in jail?

For our local experience here in Murfreesboro, we attempt to negotiate with those who need child support enforcement first. This is often the best method to get at least a portion of the missing money that your child deserves! The court always looks at the best interest of the child and if there is a possibility that your child support will be eventually paid in some way, then that will be the process that is pursued. That’s where we can help!

Their Tax Refunds Could Become Yours!

There are a number of ways to have part of your back order of child support paid off. Child support enforcement can include having the proceeds of tax refunds on a national and state level given to you instead. It may mean having a professional license suspended until a child support order is paid. If there is income being earned, a Murfreesboro attorney that specializes in child support enforcement can help you find a way to get the money you deserve.

Hire A Murfreesboro Contempt Attorney To Get Your Support

The process begins when you contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation about your unique situation. Needing child support can make like difficult. We’ll do our best to end that difficulty for you permanently.  Request a Free Initial Consultation Online or Call Our Office today to meet with one of our contempt of court attorneys.

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