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Modification of Child Support

Murfreesboro Child Support LawyerChild Support Modification|Murfreesboro TN

Do you have a current order for child support? Does this order need a modification for some reason because your child’s circumstances or your income levels have changed? Tennessee courts always focus on the best needs of a child, but there can sometimes be significant changes that can either increase or decrease a child support obligation. With our free, no obligation consultation, you can get a local Murfreesboro perspective on what to expect with your desire for a child support modification.

What Qualifies As a Significant Change?

The most common reason why a child support modification is wanted or considered is because of a change in the parent’s income. Many changes, however, don’t actually meet the state’s mandate of a significant change taking place. A minimum of a 15% increase or reduction in income is often necessary for a child support modification to be considered.

There are other circumstances that can qualify as a significant change as well:

  • a voluntary agreement with any proposed changes,
  • a change in the number of children requiring support,
  • the classification of a supported child as disabled, or
  • the qualification of a parent as a low-income contributor.

If you are considered by the court to be a low-income contributor, then your change of income status only needs to be 7.5% instead of the standard 15%. Your Murfreesboro attorney can help walk you through the process, look at all of your income and assets, and help your petition or negotiate your existing child support order to get the modification that you desire.

Are You Ready To Pursue a Child Support Modification?

Our experience in Murfreesboro shows from the first moment you speak with us using our free, no obligation initial consultation. We’ll help you work toward the best solution to meet both your needs and the needs of the child you’re supporting so that your goals may be achieved. The child support guidelines in Tennessee can sometimes seem complicated, but we’ll help you navigate through the process so that your modification desires can be achieved.  Request a Free Initial Consultation Online or Call Our Office to speak with a Murfreesboro child support lawyer today!

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