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Contested Divorce

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In the State of Tennessee, a contested divorce is one where both parties cannot agree on all of the terms regarding the dissolution of their marriage. You will enter into a Marriage Dissolution Agreement and if you have children, will also have a Permanent Parenting Plan. Protecting your rights during a contested divorce is of critical importance! With a free, no obligation consultation, we’ll discuss with you how we proceed through a contested divorce and how we might be able to help you.

 How Quickly Can a Contested Divorce Be Resolved?

Your Murfreesboro attorney will take every action to protect your legal rights. Much of the established timeframe for this particular proceeding depends on the communication levels of the spouses involved within it. For many couples, after the mandatory minimum waiting periods, mediation will often lead to an agreeable settlement that can eventually lead to satisfaction.

In about 2% of divorce cases that are contested in some way, however, a trial becomes necessary. This is where having our Murfreesboro team on your side can help you! We prepare from the first moment for this eventuality, whether you can reach a settlement or not. In our experience, the biggest struggle that a spouse faces is an unexpected trial where they may not be fully prepared and therefore may not receive the desired outcome.
That will not happen when you choose our Murfreesboro team to represent you.

 Even a Final Decree Isn’t Always the Final Answer

If your contested divorce case went to trial and you were not satisfied with the verdict that was given, you still have a few options. You may appeal the verdict to the Court of Appeals within 30 days of the verdict being given. You may also have options to file for an alteration or amendment of the final verdict. Whatever your specific case may be, our Murfreesboro team of attorneys has the ability to fully represent your rights throughout the entire process.

Hire A Divorce Attorney With Actual Trial Experience!

Do you believe your divorce will be contested? Then take the time to contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation about the unique circumstances of your divorce. We can help you negotiate and win the best outcome possible. Request a Free Consultation Online or Call Our Offices today to speak with one of our knowledgeable divorce lawyers.

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