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Free Child Custody Consultation

Murfreesboro Free Child Custody ConsulationFree Initial Child Custody Consultation in Murfreesboro TN

At Turner Law Offices, P.C. Murfreesboro location, we offer a free in person initial consultation for all new child custody cases.  A hard-fought contested child custody trial involves issues such as determining the primary residential parent, setting the alternate residential parent’s parenting time, and properly calculating child support.  Our personal  approach is necessary to effectively exchange information and to make sure that you are comfortable with the Murfreesboro child custody attorney.

Benefits of A Free Initial Child Custody Consultation

Other attorneys will talk to you over the phone as their free consultation; we are different in that we give you a free in person meeting with one of our knowledgeable child custody lawyers. You don’t need to bring anything with your to your first meeting; however, if you want to be extra prepared, feel free to bring any of the following to discuss:

  • Completed New Client Information Sheet
  • Any court papers you have received
  • Schedule of your time with the child versus the other parent’s time with the child
  • School records of children
  • Medical records of children
  • Criminal records of either parent
  • Any other information relevant to your case

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